Cultural Diversity

This week I learned how broad of a term cultural diversity really is. I did some research on cultural diversity in palliative care. One of the articles I read said that one of the best ways to provides culturally competent care is to identify your own prejudices, gain knowledge about cultures, and apply the skills and information you have learned. It’s also very important to ask the patient what is important to them and how they would like to be cared for.

This week I also got to watch the movieĀ The Good Lie. I really enjoyed this movie. It was the story of The Lost Boys of Sudan. The movie was able to depict how important it is for people to adjust to new cultures and situations in order to care for and love each other. Throughout a lot of the movie I was annoyed because the professionals didn’t want to get too involved with the men they were caring for. I will never do this in my nursing career. I want my patients to feel comfortable in expressing cares and concerns to me and I want to be willing to listen.

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