Homeless Culture

Before studying the information this week, I thought that most homeless people had substance abuse problems and mental disorders. I learned this week that that is not always the case. The movie Pursuit of Happyness gave me some insight into the situations that homeless people face every day. I also realized that sometimes bad things happen to people and they can’t change them no matter how hard they work. I gained much more respect and compassion for this culture this week. I specifically researched the homeless culture and healthcare. It’s really hard for anyone of this culture to have access to healthcare because of money, transportation, insurance, and phones. Many people in this culture don’t seek medical attention until the problem is out of control. I also learned that most of the diseases seen in this culture are chronic and usually not managed well. I will use this information in my nursing career by being respectful and compassionate to people of this culture, listening and trying to understand their situation, and providing the most realistic discharge teaching possible.

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