Muslim Culture

This week we focused on the Muslim culture. Before looking at the material this week, I didn’t know very much about Muslims. I knew that they didn’t eat pork and that they didn’t use birth control but that was about it. I learned a lot about their dietary restrictions. Muslims don’t consume anything with pork or blood products in it. The meat that they eat has to have been killed following Halal conditions. They practice fasting during a month call Ramadan. They do not eat or drink anything between sunrise and sunset. An article I read stated that some Muslims are afraid to eat while they’re in the hospital because they think that their food will be cross-contaminated with pork. As a nurse, I will be aware of their dietary restrictions and find ways to work with them. I also learned that some women in the Muslim culture do use contraceptive methods. The most popular ones right now are oral contraceptives and IUDs. As a nurse, I will still talk about birth control methods because a woman of this culture might be interested in the information I give her.

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