The Hindu Culture

This week we focused on the Hindu culture. I haven’t had very much interaction with Hindus during my life. I knew that they had dots on their foreheads, thought cows were sacred, and were in charge of the color festival in Spanish Fork every year. I learned about their beliefs in music this week. Hindus don’t view music as a form of entertainment but as a way to receive moral and spiritual redemption. They believe that music focuses on spiritual emotion and is a means to move towards a higher consciousness. Music is used in Hindu worship through hymns and mantras. I also learned about some of their dietary restrictions. They believe that follow dietary restrictions can lead them towards a higher consciousness. Most Hindus are strict vegetarians, but this can vary from person to person. When I am a nurse, it will be important for me to clarify a persons diet and not just assume that they follow their cultural diet. I also learned that Hindus don’t gamble, drink alcohol, or participate in sex outside of marriage or for reasons other than procreation. One of the people in my group also talked about Hindu death rituals. Most Hindus prefer to die at home, but if death is occurring in the hospital the rituals will still be followed. It’s important to communicate with the patient and family to know what they would like to do in this situation. When I’m a nurse, the most important thing I can do with Hindu patients is communicate about their care and treatment.

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