Jewish Culture

This week we focused on the Jewish culture. I didn’t know very much about this culture until this week. I just knew that they celebrated Hanukkah and that they were stereo-typically rich. Most of my learning this week was focused on the Jewish culture and healthcare. This culture is against suicide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia. They are very respectful of the human body before and after death. They believe that all means should be used to heal and alleviate suffering. However, they prefer that medical procedures take place on days other than the Sabbath and holidays if they are not necessary for life. Circumcisions usually take place on the eighth day after birth and are performed by a specialist who has received spiritual and medical training on the procedure. I also learned that birth control and autopsies are controversial in their culture and that the patient and their family may want to consult with a rabbi if these topics are involved. When I care for Jewish patients, it will be very important for me to communicate with the patient and their family. It will also be important for me to be respectful of the patient’s schedule and try to work medical procedures around it.

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