Polynesian Culture

This week we focused some of our learning on the Polynesian culture. Before this week, I knew that the Polynesians were fun-loving and liked having big families. I did a lot of research on the Polynesian culture and common health problems that they face. The most common health problem in this culture is obesity. It is a norm in their culture to be obese. Because of the high rate of obesity, diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and CVD are also very common. Some infectious that are seen often in this culture are tuberculosis, H. pylori infections, and leprosy. Rheumatic fever is also prevalent and is responsible for causing a lot of rheumatic heart disease which usually goes untreated. When I am a nurse, it will be important for me to educate the patient about diet and exercise. It will also be important for me to include the patient’s family in the healthcare process.

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