Week 4 Reflective Journal

This week we learned about legal and ethical issues in nursing. Before this unit, I was familiar with legal and ethical issues in nursing but I didn’t have a lot of experience responding to them. I was able to learn a lot by applying information I know to the case study, discussion, and critical thinking assignments this week. If experiences like this ever happen in my nursing career I will be better prepared to respond to them. This week I was able to learn more about assisted suicide and the policies that are in place in the states where it is legal. While looking for information on the subject, I stumbled across this chart and thought that the information in it was very interesting. This chart discusses the number of assisted suicides in Oregon and the reasons why people chose to end their lives.

Au, H. Y. (2010). Should physician-assisted suicide be legal?. Angles. Retrieved from http://web.mit.edu/angles/2010_Hoyin_Au.html

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