Week 8 Relfective Journal

This week we learned more about quality improvement strategies. We also focused on the the need to incorporate evidence based practice into patient care and how the risk management process works. I felt like the learning activities were very effective this week. The case study focused on how the risk management process can detect problems, find solutions, and then implement the solutions in order to prevent dangerous situations for patients. The discussion this week helped us better understand ways to implement EBP into our practice. There is usually some resistance to change, but keeping an open attitude and understanding that the changes are to better our patients’ situations makes it easier to deal with. My favorite learning activity this week was summarizing an article from AHRQ regarding the need for health care workers to avoid fatigue and sleep deprivation. The article discussed several strategies that would be effective in helping to deal with fatigue during work but I don’t think that most of them would work for nurses. I don’t think it will ever be possible for nurses to be able to take naps at work. The article did mention that using caffeine could be beneficial. Many nurses use caffeine to help prevent fatigue, but I think it’s more of just a band-aid solution for a larger problem. Getting more sleep or naps would be more healthy and sustainable than caffeine consumption.

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