Week 14 Reflective Journal

This week we discussed maintaining a culture of safety. I really enjoyed the case study this week. Stories like Noah’s make me glad that there is quality improvement in health care. I’m glad that the health care field is taking action in preventing the same mistakes from happening. I think that the best way to maintain a culture of safety is to have continuous quality improvement, stay up to date on research, and to have everyone within the facility be a patient advocate. If a member of the staff has a concern about the patient’s safety they should be able to voice it. I will use the information discussed this week to keep my patients safe and to always advocate for them. I feel like the information discussed this week was beneficial. I especially think that the case studies are memorable and that I will be able to apply them to my patient care very easily. 

Reflective Journal 12

This week in class we discussed building a culture of safety. The thing I found most beneficial was reading about Robin’s story. Robin was a patient that received an enteral feeding via the IV route and ended up dying. Robin died because of many failures in that facility’s system. In response to this error, facilities started using specialty connectors and making it impossible to connect tubing to the wrong route. I will remember this story as a reminder to why we have checks for medications and different tubing for different routes. This story has made me much more cautious in my nursing practice. I always double check when I’m reconnecting tubing. I take a moment to evaluate the safety in the patient room each time before I leave. I feel like this story was very beneficial because it is one that will stick in the classes’ heads throughout their careers.