Week 15 Reflective Journal

This week we discussed the application of patient safety. I think that the case study assigned this week was very interesting. The case study discussed how a patient and several healthcare providers were all impacted by a patient safety error. I think that it is very difficult for providers to deal with medical errors. Many providers are embarrassed and are afraid of losing their licenses. We were assigned a literature search this week regarding patient safety application. I found an article where pediatric residents were interviewed and identified barriers to speaking up about patient safety. I was able to relate to the article easily because I struggle with confidence as a nurse because I’m a new graduate. I don’t feel comfortable calling out experienced providers on their errors. I’m glad that other providers share similar feelings with me and that there are groups created by volunteers that can help both providers and patients when safety errors occur. The information this week has made me want to voice my concerns about patient safety more and has boosted my confidence. I would rather speak up to a coworker than have my coworker deal with the guilt of making a safety error. 

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