Characteristics of Leaders

1.       Leadership requires personal mastery – Nurses show personal mastery when they are competent in the skills of their job.

2.       Leadership is about values – Nurses show values when they are examples of the values established by the hospital or company they work for.

3.       Leadership is about service – Nurses are examples of service when they go above and beyond in patient care, such as identifying types of music or movies that help the patient relax and feel at ease. 

4.       Leadership is about people and relationships – Nurses show good relationship skills when they are able to answer questions that family members and patients have about the hospital stay. 

5.       Leadership is contextual – Nurses show that they are contextual when they are treat each patient as an individual. 

6.       Leadership is about the management of meaning –Nurses show effective management of meaning when they are able to carry on meaningful conversations with their patients. 

7.       Leadership is about balance – Nurses show balance when they are able to manage their time effectively. 

8.       Leadership is about continuous learning and improvement – Nurses show continuing improvement when they complete education requirements and apply the information to their practice. 

9.       Leadership is about effective decision making – Nurses show effective decision making when they are able to prioritize in difficult situations. 

10.   Leadership is a political process – Nurses show respect for the political process when they follow protocols and regulations set out by their supervisors and other people above them in the facility. 

11.   Leadership is about modeling – Nurses show effective modeling when they exemplify nursing care and others notice. 

12.   Leadership is about integrity – Nurses show integrity when they do oral cares on their honor. 

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