Week 2 Reflective Journal

This week in the course we discussed successful leadership. We researched articles about leadership, watched Ender’s Game and identified leadership qualities in the movie, completed the DISC personality test, and discussed characteristics of leaders. I thought that the content this week was very effective at showing qualities of good leaders. Through the team discussion this week, I noticed that many people have leadership skills but that these skills can be used for either good or bad. This assignment made me realize that it’s important to use leadership skills for the benefit of others. I also enjoyed taking the DISC personality test. It was nice to figure out where I fit into the workplace personality wise. I have a Steady personality and this quiz made me realize that I can still contribute to my unit by being a “behind the scenes” person. This week helped me realize where I need to improve my leadership skills and where I can be the biggest aid to my unit now. 

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