Reflective Journal Week 5

This week we discussed how to do performance appraisals and deal with problem employees. I learned that it’s important to remain consistent and unbiased with doing performance appraisals. Performance appraisals are a good time to meet with employees and discuss how they are doing with and feeling about the job. It’s also a good time to discuss concerns. Setting goals is also a big part of performance appraisals. Dealing with problem employees can be difficult, but what I learned this week is that it’s important to be understanding of all employees. Sometimes just talking to an employee and asking them what’s going on is the best way to find the root of the problem. Documenting when you talk to the employee and what you talk about is needed to show a trail in case the employee has to be fired. I think that this information will be useful if I’m ever in a leadership position and in charge of other employees. I’ll have a foundation on how to do appraisals and deal with difficult employees. 

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