Week 10 Reflective Journal

This week in class we discussed managing change. I enjoyed learning about strategies to help survive and plan for change in the unit. I liked that the presentation included examples of good reasons for change: problem solving, increasing efficiency, and reducing workload. I’ll remember to base any change off of these 3 examples to tell if the change is really necessary. We watched a video titled “Who moved my cheese?” this week. I thought that this video did a great job of showing how people’s attitudes can affect their progression in the workplace. Embracing changes and incorporating them into our careers will make the transitions easier and will help us to have better attitudes. 

Week 13 Reflective Journal

This week in class we discussed strategic planning and health policy. I was not familiar with either of these subjects prior to this week. I thought that this information was very beneficial in teaching nurses in leadership positions how to plan for the future, even though there are many changes that can occur. I thought that thinking of courses and programs to add to the UVU Nursing Program were great ways to apply some of the concepts we learned. If I’m ever in a leadership position, I will use the information from this week to plan ahead for the benefit of the employees and patients while still being able to adjust the plan for future changes. 

Week 10 Reflective Journal

This week we discussed staffing and career development. I felt like I was already pretty familiar with career development, but staffing was a new subject for me. I thought that the staffing assignment gave the group a good opportunity to practice their staffing skills and apply concepts from the lecture. If I ever become a manager, I will use the information and concepts about staffing in creating the schedule for employees. I feel like I have a better handle on staffing and that I have a foundation that I could apply if I needed to. 

Week 9 Reflective Journal

This week we focused on The Future of Nursing. I was not familiar with this group prior to the lecture this week. I think that the group has set good goals that nurses should be supporting and be involved in. The top six topics addressed in this report are improving access to care, fostering interprofesisonal collaboration, promoting nursing leadership, transforming nursing education, increasing diversity in nursing, and collecting workforce data. I think that the nursing career would be very different if the guidelines in this report were implemented nation-wide. I will try to implement this information into my own nursing career and encourage others in my unit to do the same. 

Week 8 Reflective Journal

This week we focused on budgeting. Before the assignments and lectures, I was not very familiar with budgeting for a business. I have had experience budgeting for myself and my family before but that is basically my only experience. I thought that the information shared in the lecture and the discussion was very educational. This information helped me feel confident that if I was put in the budgeting situation at work, I would be able to contribute. I need more experience, but I feel like I am at a good starting point. 

Week 7 Reflective Journal

This week we discussed organization structures and leadership differences between men and women. I enjoyed discussing the differences between men and women this week. Before I began the assignment I thought that the discussion would involve a lot of bias and stereotypes but it turned out to be beneficial. People in the discussion shared good thoughts and ideas on the subject. In my opinion, men and women have different strengths in leadership roles. Both men and women can be great leaders though. This assignment didn’t change my thoughts on men and women in leadership roles but it allowed me to do some serious reflection. If I’m ever in a hiring position, I will know that both men and women can be awesome leaders but that they will probably lead differently.