Week 13 Reflective Journal

This week we learned about motivation in the workplace. The assignment that I was able to learn the most from was our weekly discussion. It was nice to hear what my teammates’ ideas were on boosting morale in the unit. There were a lot of great ideas. My favorites were staffing the unit correctly, recognizing staff accomplishments, parties, listening to schedule requests, and anything with food. If I am ever in a leadership position I will try to incorporate these ideas into my unit. These actions will help to keep morale high in the unit and keep staff motivated.

Week 12 Reflective Journal

This week’s subject was conflict resolution. Throughout the week I was able to learn good tactics to resolving conflict in the workplace. I can also apply these concepts to other personal aspects of my life. Through the discussions this week I was able to from others about bargaining and how others think conflicts should be resolved. I will use this conflict resolution in many aspects of my career: with coworkers, patients, and family members. I have learned that it is very important to actively listen and try to understand the other person’s view. 

Budget Interview

Interview with Wendy Helms, director of Little Treasures Preschool.


How does one decide how to split up budgets? Do you split it up by dollar value or percentage?

Our budget is split up by dollar value. It’s easier to understand in dollar form. Our budget has always been in dollar form instead of percentage form so I don’t know who decided to split it that way.

Do you have investors? If so do you recruit them or do most volunteer themselves?

We do not have investors. We do take supply donations from parents and community members though.

Do you use a yearly budget or split it up to quarters and biannual budgets?

Our budget is split into quarters. It lets us re-evaluate how we are doing more frequently.

Who decides on what the annual budget is?

Our budget is decided on by the board. We have several meetings to determine it yearly.

How big is the margin for overage and what happens when you don’t stay within budget?

We try very hard to stay within our budget. When emergencies occur there is a fund for repairs through the school district.

What is the disciplinary action when budgets aren’t met and where does the overage money come from?

The overage comes from the emergency fund. If someone consistently went over on their budget that person would have to meet with the board. If the problem was not fixed they are at risk for losing their job.

Do you oversee multiple department budgets? If yes, how are they different?

No I just oversee the budget for the preschool.

If required to make budget cuts, where do you start? Do you prefer to cut employees or look for other options?

I try to make cuts from our supplies first. We already run on minimal staff so I look for other ways that we can save money.

What do you find most difficult about budgeting for a company?

It is hard to make cuts because I know it will affect the experiences that my students get to have.

How does budgeting for a company differ from budgeting for an individual?

The budget for the preschool is decided far in advance and stays in place for the entire school year. Multiple people are involved with making the budget.

What is the hardest part about staying within the determined budget?

It is hard to make cuts because I know it will affect the experiences that my students get to have.

Through this interview I was able to learn about how budgets are made and handled outside of healthcare. I thought it was interesting to see the process of setting the budget and how overages are handled. I also thought it was interesting to see how another company handles trying to stay within a budget. I learned valuable information from the interview and will be implementing it in my own career when the time comes for me to assist with budgets.