Jehovah’s Witnesses

Before this week in class, all I knew about the Jehovah’s Witnesses was that they didn’t take blood transfusions and that they really liked knocking on my door when I was growing up. I learned that there is much more to them than just that this week. I specifically researched a lot about their policies on holidays and birthdays. The only holiday they celebrate is Christ’s death. They believe that every other holiday is a Pagan holiday and they try to stick with how the first-generation Christians worshiped. I also learned this week that they don’t believe in participating in war or politics. I think that would be a very hard thing to do, especially during times of war. I thought that it was rather courageous of them to stick to their beliefs and refuse to fight during WWII. This information will all be very helpful in providing nursing care to people of this culture. I now have a lot more knowledge of and respect for this culture.