LDS Culture

This week in Transcultural Nursing we studied the LDS culture. Because UVU is in Utah, the LDS culture is one that is seen frequently in the clinical setting. I was raised and am still part of the LDS culture, but it was still nice to study the subject and share my thoughts with my classmates.

During the week, I did some research on the Word of Wisdom (the LDS set of dietary restrictions). The LDS culture has restrictions on coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs. It is also advised that people follow portion size, don’t waste food, and don’t overindulge. The LDS culture also participates in fasting every month to show self-control and humility. The money saved on food while fasting is donated to the less fortunate. The Word of Wisdom is discussed in the LDS book of scripture calledĀ The Doctrine and CovenantsĀ in Section 89. One of people in my group mentioned all the things that the money saved while fasting can be used for: natural disaster relief, clean water, wheelchairs, and immunizations.

One of the people in my group also mentioned the LDS culture’s view on family. The LDS church leaders have been seen a lot in the media lately defending their stand point on the family. The culture believes that marriage is between a man and woman lawfully wedded as husband and wife. The LDS culture also believes that males and females have separate and defined roles in the family unit. Men should provide and protect the family. Women are responsible for the caring for and nurturing children. All of this information can be found in the document The Family: A Proclamation to the World.