This week we focused on the Catholic culture. I grew up in a strong Catholic community and knew a little bit about Catholic traditions but I wasn’t aware of a lot of their beliefs and how their church worked. I learned a lot about their beliefs on the afterlife. They believe that after we die there are three stages of being: heaven, purgatory, and hell. Heaven is a place of perfect joy and peace. Purgatory is the place that people go to be cleansed of their sins through punishment. Once people have passed through purgatory they can progress on to heaven. Hell is a place where people are completely removed from God’s presence. I also learned about the organization in their church. It is lead by the Pope. After the Pope, there are Cardinals which can also be bishops. Bishops are over the priests in the church. I also learned that during Lent, Catholics can eat fish on Friday. This explains why the cafeteria in my school seemed to like fish so much right before Easter. I will use all this information I learned to better care for people of the Catholic culture. I will be aware of dietary needs during lent and will be respectful of their beliefs.